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CSC DIA Review | 2024 DIA Annual Meeting Held Successfully


"Embracing Innovative Technology, Opening up Health Horizons," the 2024 International Drug Information Association (DIA) Annual Meeting successfully concluded on May 19th at the Suzhou International Expo Center. As a key enterprise in the field of clinical research, CSC gathered with global leaders in the pharmaceutical and health industries to discuss future trends, the application of innovative technology, and the importance of international cooperation.

From left to right: Dr. Hualong Sun, CSO of CSC, Mr. Marwan FATHALLAH, Global CEO of DIA, Dr. Tongyan Wang, Global SVP & Director of DIA China, and Dr. Shen Xiao, CMO of Hasten Bio.

Exhibition Highlights:

Biolink Capital Medical Asset Exhibit Wall: we selected 60 premium global medical assets, showed by Biolink Capital at CSC booth. The Medical Asset included innovative medical device companies (covering in vitro diagnostics, high-value consumables, and medical aesthetics), innovative pharmaceutical companies (including small molecule drugs, biologics, and radiopharmaceuticals), and high-quality assets in therapeutic areas such as oncology, cardiovascular, anti-tumor, metabolic diseases, and gastroenterology.

On the DIA Gala Dinner, May 17th , 2024, Our Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Hualong Sun has received the DIA Service Excellence Award. The award is given to a volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding and far-reaching impact in volunteering. Congratulations to Dr. Sun for getting this honor!

CSC Subject Forum on DIA 2024- Regulatory requirements and practices for clinical data submission and inspection

On May 17, our forum titled " Regulatory requirements and practices for clinical data submission and inspection " was a resounding success, with the hall filled to capacity. Dr. Hualong Sun, Chief Strategy Officer of CSC, led the forum, inviting Prof. Jielai Xia from the Air Force Medical University, Prof. Yuxiu Liu, Chief Physician of Critical Care Medicine at the Eastern Theater General Hospital, Ms. Yue Zhang, Vice President of Fosun Hanlin, and Mr. Hongwei Wang, Executive Director of BeiGene. The experts engaged in lively discussions and in-depth analyses based on their extensive industry experience and unique perspectives. Topics included the regulatory requirements for data submission and review, quality management systems for sponsors or CROs in clinical trials, and the risk points and review highlights in each phase of clinical trials, providing participants with valuable opportunities to interact with experts and peers in the field.

DIA Subject Forum / Facilitating China’s Pharmaceutical Companies Going to Overseas: Layout in Southeast Asia

On May 18th, our Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Sun Hualong, was invited by DIA to host the conference “Facilitating China’s Pharmaceutical Companies Going to Overseas: Layout in Southeast Asia.” DIA brought together many industry experts from both domestic regions and Southeast Asia for this event.

During the conference, our Vice President, Mr. Ken Chen, delivered an insightful speech on developing market strategies for drug development and provided valuable perspectives on global expansion for domestic companies.

Moreover, the invited Southeast Asian experts presented key points on IND/NDA registration and detailed the processes involved in conducting international multi-center clinical trials and pharmacovigilance. They also shared valuable insights on the trend of innovative drug companies accelerating their expansion into Southeast Asia, discussing both the opportunities and challenges of establishing a presence in the region.