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Expanding International Markets 2023 US DIA Exhibition Report

From June 26th to 28th, our company's senior leadership, including CEO Mr. Yu Xu, Chairman Dr. Daniel Liu, Senior Vice President and Chief CNS Expert Dr. Ren, Senior Vice President Mrs. Sha, Operations Director of the US subsidiary Dr. Roy Feng, and Clinical Operations Manager Dr. Xue, gathered in Boston, USA, to participate in the 2023 DIA exhibition. The theme of this DIA exhibition was "ILLUMINATE," attracting over 5,000 participants and inviting representatives from more than 1,400 companies worldwide. During the conference, more than 500 industry professionals conducted nearly 170 academic seminars. With the slogan "Empowering Clinical Research: Illuminate Your Trials with Trusted CSC Support," the Clinical Service Center participated as an exhibitor in this grand event and achieved considerable success.

On the first day of DIA, the opening ceremony was a great success: DIA proved to be a crucial platform for reconnecting with old friends and establishing new client relationships. On the inaugural day alone, more than 300 participants visited our booth at 1021 Clinical Service Center, engaging in in-depth discussions with our experts. Seizing every opportunity for communication, we effectively showcased the corporate image and service advantages of Clinical Service Center, as well as its subsidiaries, Meda Data and SciCure. This effort attracted numerous key international clients, who expressed strong intentions for collaboration.

The presence of Mr. Liu Bo and General Manager Xu at the venue left a profound impression on attendees. Dr. Roy Feng from the American company and Dr. Xue also made appearances, marking a milestone for CSC's international development. The scene was vividly captured by 'war correspondent' Mary, who documented these splendid moments.

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On the second day of the DIA conference, there were various highlights and exciting moments. We successfully showcased the excellent brand image of our Chinese company by carefully selecting and customizing high-capacity USBs, paper fans with Chinese elements, and rabbit-themed neck pillows for the Year of the Rabbit. Through these displays with distinct Chinese cultural features, we promoted the company's development history, business scope, and outstanding achievements, successfully attracting over 500 visitors to stop by, listen to the company presentation, exchange business cards, and discuss their needs.

Among the visitors were internationally renowned large enterprises such as Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Novartis, and GSK, as well as small and medium-sized biopharmaceutical companies. They represented not only domestic American companies but also those from North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan. At least ten companies expressed on-site their interest in engaging in in-depth discussions with CSC for potential collaboration after the conference.

CEO Xu and Mr. Liu engaged in face-to-face deep conversations and exchanges with several key executives, providing direction for multifaceted cooperation. We were honored to have Chairman Wang of DIA spend a 30-minute conversation at the CSC booth with Dr. Daniel Liu, Mrs. Sha, Dr. Roy Feng, and Dr. Xue. Chairman Wang expressed sincere gratitude for the support and leadership of Dr. Daniel Liu and Dr. Sun Hualong in DIA China, acknowledging the significant role played by the Clinical Service Center in the international drug development process.

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On the third day of the DIA, a fruitful and successful conclusion was reached: Although the exhibition was nearing its end, nearly 400 participants visited our booth. These representatives from various companies established business connections with us through various means such as WeChat scanning and adding LinkedIn contacts. Their business activities spanned a wide range of areas, including clinical operations, PV, data statistics, translation, drug supply chain, consulting, and more. This provided a great opportunity for CSC to effectively connect with the upstream, midstream, and downstream of the clinical trial industry chain and services.

Many clients, including Mayo Clinical, New Life Medicals, Global Life Sciences Alliance, expressed their willingness to conduct online meetings with us or explore collaboration through personal visits, further expanding potential business opportunities. To explore the international market, seek PI and Site Pool, and lay the foundation for unlimited potential business opportunities.

Marwan Fathallah, the CEO of DIA Global, visited our booth, engaged in in-depth communication with our leadership, and expressed that DIA will continue to build professional communication bridges for global pharmaceutical research and development companies and CROs. He appreciated CSC as an innovative CRO actively participating in international conferences, playing a positive role in helping Chinese innovative drugs go international, and expressed high expectations for our future development.

Internationalization of clinical research and development services, Clinical Service Center steadily moves forward on this journey.