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Phase I Unit

China has stepped up investment in drug innovation in recent years, both in basic research and in industry research and development. Some of the leading Chinese pharmaceuticals that previously focused on generics have started building capabilities and making investments in innovative drugs.



    • Phase I Unit

      CSC Premier Phase I Unit: Elevating Early Stage Clinical Trials with Excellence

    In recent years, China has accelerated investment in innovative drugs, making a decisive shift from basic to in-depth pharmaceutical research and development. This noteworthy transformation is especially compelling as leading Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, traditionally oriented toward generic drugs, are redirecting their focus toward R&D and investments in innovative drugs.

    Furthermore, a substantial number of innovative biotech companies, predominantly led by returnees from the US and EU, are passionately dedicated to exploring novel therapies to address global unmet medical needs. With an increasing quantity of domestic innovative drugs and more interests in overseas’ early stage development, CSC has established a Phase I Unit, in collaboration with Weifang 2nd People’ s Hospital of Shandong Province, putting conscious efforts to bring CSC unique services and standardized quality to our clients’ early stage clinical trials.

    This strategic initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering CSC's distinctive services and ensuring standardized quality in our clients' early-stage clinical trials.

    Emphasis on Independence, Safety, and Privacy

    Our Phase I Unit is equipped with 60 beds, including 2 emergency beds, features a highly qualified and experienced research team that adheres to NMPA requirements. To standardize the entire management and implementation process of Phase I clinical trials, we have instituted a comprehensive framework of management systems, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and emergency plans. Operating independently in each functional area, we prioritize safety and uphold the privacy protection of all subjects.

    Comprehensive Services Include:

    Phase I Clinical Trials

    Single Ascending Dose Trial

    Multiple Ascending Dose Trial

    Medical Device and Drug Treatment Safety Trial

    Innovative Drug Trials

    PD/PK Trial

    Proof of Concept (PoC) Trial

    Bioequivalence Studies

    Healthy Volunteers