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Site & Patient Management

More than 180 Clinical Research Coordinators(CRC) who are strategically distributed in over 50 cities to provide immediate coverage wherever and whenever they are needed.



    • Site & Patient Management

      Site & Patient Management: Enhancing Clinical Trials Across 50 Cities

    • CSC's Comprehensive Approach

      With over 350 strategically positioned Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) spanning 50 cities, CSC ensures immediate and widespread coverage whenever and wherever needed. Our Site Management Organization (SMO) plays a pivotal role in optimizing investigator engagement and alleviating the burdens faced by investigational sites, especially in densely populated areas lacking specialized care.
    • Site Management Organization (SMO): Challenges in China

      In China, the unique challenges arise from the dense population and insufficient specialized care in rural regions. This results in a heavy workload for many investigational sites and esteemed investigators, extending beyond their designated responsibilities. The burden impacts study performance and diminishes investigators' enthusiasm for participating in complete clinical trials over time.
    • CSC Clinical Research

      Our CRC are dispatched to investigational sites served as investigators’ assistant, handling administrative tasks throughout the clinical trial process. Tasks include identifying potential patients, updating eCRF(electronic case report forms) managing subjects, filing documents, and facilitating interdepartmental communication. While most CRC members are certified nurses with ample medical knowledge to assist investigators, they do not participate in medical determination procedures. With CRC support, investigators can dedicate themselves to their primary focus—Subjects’ Treatment.

    We can provide you with the following services:

    Sponsor & CRO

    Feasibility Study

    Investigational sites recommendation

    EC Submission Support

    Experimental Contract Signing Support

    Subjects Follow-up Support

    CRF & EDC Upload

    Subjects Recruitment

    Multidisciplinary Communication and Writing

    CSR Collection

    Investigational Sites Close Support

    Project Management

    Clinical Study Management

    Qualified and Experienced CRC Support

    Recruitment Planning

    Data Management

    Independent Protocol Audit 

    Site Management

    SOP Implementation and Accreditation of Investigational Sites


    NMPA Inspection Support

    Education Training

    Trainings for Investigators & Others personnel

    Site Business Development and Promotion

    Introducing more projects and promoting business capabilities

    Seeking potential cooperation business opportunities 

    CSC's holistic approach to site and patient management ensures seamless and efficient clinical trials, enabling investigators to focus on what matters most—providing optimal treatment to subjects.