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CSC Biolink Capital Forum- Innovative Drug and Device Roadshow at 2024 CMAC Annual Meeting

2024-03-22 00:00:00

The China (Suzhou) Innovative Medicine Conference and 2024 CMAC Annual Meeting grandly opened at Suzhou International Expo Center from March 21 to 24. At this CMAC conference (afternoon of March 22), Biolink Capital set up Biolink Forum - Innovative Drug and Device Roadshow.

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Moderator: Mr. Ken Chen, Vice President of Clinical Service Center

Roadshow Project 1: Progress in the Development of MET-EGFG Dual-target ADC Based on Nanobody

NOVATIM was established in 2018, focusing on the research and clinical application of innovative drugs for tumor immunotherapy. It is reported that the company, based on clinical needs and its focus on tumor immunotherapy, is developing dual-function antibodies, dual-target antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)/dual-site ADCs, CAR-T, and other research platforms, developing nearly 10 potential "first-in-class" or "best-in-class" products.

In this roadshow, Helen Yu from NOVATIM emphasized the pipeline for licensing out or co-development: KY-0118 fusion protein; KY-0301 dual-antibody ADC (FIC); and KQ-2003 dual-target CART.

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Guest: Helen Yu, BD Director of NOVATIM (Zhejiang)

Roadshow Project 2: Application of NuRapid-Dx® Nucleic Acid Rapid Detection Platform Based on CRISPR Technology in the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Jiangsu Weizhen, founded in 2008, headquartered in Suzhou Nano City, with its research center located in Suzhou Nano Park. Currently, it has more than 400 employees, with over 30% holding master's degrees or above. Weizhen Group upholds the clinical value-driven "technological innovation," focusing on the research and industrialization of "new markers/ underlying technologies/ key raw materials/ fully automated POCT instruments," and focuses on the development of "First-in-class" and "Best-in-class" products, dedicated to continuously providing innovative solutions for the diagnosis of malignant tumors, major infectious diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases!

In this roadshow, Dr. He Linfu from Jiangsu Weizhen Biomedical introduced the first domestic NuRapid-Dx® high-precision nucleic acid rapid detection platform based on CRISPR technology by Weizhen Biomedical. It has achieved on-site rapid detection, grassroots testing, and home self-testing for major diseases, providing strong support for disease prevention, control, and diagnosis and treatment work. Meanwhile, the application of diagnostic products based on the NuRapid-Dx® platform in the diagnosis accompanying anti-infective drugs and the clinical application of rapid infection diagnosis were also presented.

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Guest: Dr. He Linfu, CTO of Jiangsu Weizhen Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

Roadshow Project 3: TIL Cell Therapy Enters the Blue Ocean of Solid Tumors

Juncell Therapeutics focuses on the field of solid tumor treatment, committed to developing high-quality and highly accessible TIL cell new drugs. It has established an international, professional, cohesive, and high-execution research team and built a high-standard hardware platform in compliance with GMP requirements, certified as a national high-tech enterprise and a Shanghai specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprise.

In this roadshow, Mr. Ma Lie from Juncell Therapeutics highlighted the innovative TIL therapy and key core technology platform of Juncell Therapeutics for solid tumors, as well as the clinical development stage of new drug pipelines: Natural TIL GC101 (melanoma, lung cancer, head and neck tumors, etc.); Single gene-modified TIL GC203 (gynecological tumors, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc.); Double gene-modified TIL GC304 (sarcoma, colorectal cancer, bile duct cancer, etc.).

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Guest: Ma Lie, Senior Business Manager of Juncell Therapeutics

Roadshow Project 4: Research on Differentiated Small Molecule Anti-tumor Drugs

Guangdong Xinqi Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Dr. Li Nanxin and Dr. Wang Zhaoyin. The two scientists come from the core R&D departments of world-class pharmaceutical companies, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Merck Pharmaceuticals. They have solid theoretical foundations and decades of practical experience in the field of small molecule drug research and development and have led the development of multiple listed new drugs. Dr. Li Nanxin obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from New York University and led the development of the anti-non-small cell lung cancer drug "Ceritinib" and the anti-melanoma drug "Cobimetinib" at Novartis Pharmaceuticals' GNF Cancer Center. Dr. Wang Zhaoyin is one of the first batch of Chinese-American graduate students in the "China-U.S. Chemistry Graduate Education Plan (CGP)" and holds a Ph.D. in Organic Synthesis Chemistry from Yale University. Dr. Wang specializes in the research and development of small molecule new drugs. Dr. Wang has led and participated in the research and development of several successful blockbuster small molecule drugs, such as Vioxx and Tredaptive, at Merck Pharmaceuticals R&D Center.

In this roadshow, Dr. Wang Zhaoyin from Xinqi Biomedical highlighted the innovative treatment drugs for tumors under the differentiated and globally leading R&D strategy of Xinqi Biomedical: synthetic lethal new target USP1; first-in-class EP2/EP4 dual antagonists; FGFR inhibitors (overcoming the resistance mutations.

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Guest: Wang Zhaoyin, Chief Chemist of Guangdong New Qi Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

Roadshow Project 5: Novel Drug Development Based on Protein Dynamic Conformation Platform

Dychannel was established in 2024, incubated by the Technical Team of East China Normal University led by Dr. Yang Huaiyu and the Suzhou Institute of Drug Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a pharmaceutical innovation platform based on protein dynamic conformation technology, focusing on the development of new drugs in the central nervous system (CNS) field, particularly ion channel-related drugs. The company is committed to utilizing the protein dynamic conformation platform to address several pain points in the industry, offering a series of solutions to accelerate drug development and provide accessible clinical demand drugs to society.

In this roadshow, Dr. Ye Yangliang from Dychannel highlighted a series of CNS-active small molecule drugs developed based on the protein dynamic conformation platform and ion channel discovery, including highly selective and safer KCNQ2/3 agonists for treating epilepsy/ALS and modulators for treating AD/PD/ALS/hearing loss.

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Guest: Ye Yangliang, General Manager of Suzhou Dychannel

Roadshow Project 6: Inheriting Ancient Classics, Deciphering Natural Products, and Achieving Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Suzhou Huyun Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd. is an innovative pharmaceutical research company that utilizes medicinal plants and natural products as templates for drug discovery and development. Additionally, the company leverages its accumulated expertise in natural drug development to actively engage in the fields of functional plant-based cosmetics and health food. The company's research pipeline covers various disease areas, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as autoimmune diseases (such as skin disorders and digestive system diseases).

In this roadshow, Mr. Yang, the General Manager of Suzhou Huyun Pharmaceutical, highlighted the company's efficient platform for analyzing and converting natural components, as well as the company's research pipeline, which includes:

1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular series: SPT-07A (acute ischemic stroke), HY0721 (acute ischemic stroke), HY19106 (chronic heart failure)

2. Immunological series: HY1770 (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, etc.), HY1839 (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis)

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Guest: Yang Fei, Early Drug Discovery & Scientific Affairs Manager at Suzhou Huyun Pharmaceutical.

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